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Design & Build is whereby a client enters into a single contract with one entity that is responsible for
  • Architectural & Structural Design

Architectural design contributes to the whole development of property. We develop interior architectural design concept and assist client in design & selection of building materials and products. Advice is given on structural aspects and stability for the existing houses which assist in initial design & planning.

A qualified person is engaged for endorsement & submission to authorities.

  • Interior Design & Carpentry Works

Upon preliminary discussion and finalization of design acceptable by client, 3D perspective overview drawings may be provided for client’s approval. The detailed drawings showcase internal and external interior carpentry works, layout, finishes as well as colour scheme. We ensure strict site supervision during process of fabrication and installation. Our carpentry works are carried out based on drawings, specifications and schedule of works.

  • Construction

This schedule of works attribute to the single fee payable for our one-stop Design & Built construction.

Preliminary / Demolition / Excavation / Structural works
Brick / Roofing / Metal works
Carpentry and Joinery Works
Wall / Floor / Ceiling finishes
Aluminum Windows and Doors
Painting / External works
Plumbing and Sanitary Works
Sanitary Wares & Fittings
Electrical Works
Security Alarm System
Air-conditioning works
Household Shelter Works
Interior Carpentry Works

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These services are provided to potential house owners with intention to purchase landed properties, namely detached, semi-detached and terrace houses for development.

We verify, check and confirm these items prior to house owner completing the sale and purchase documentation: 

  • Building Conditions
  • Property Details or Tenure
  • Authority Requirements & Constraints
  • Above and Underground Services
  • Authorities Reserve Land or Line
  • Construction Costs & Budgets
  • Buying Intention & Usage
  • Professional Consultancy Services 

Buyer should take costing into consideration where seller proposed a selling price. This is to prevent buying negative cash flow property, whereby the buying price adding construction cost would total up to higher future selling price.

We being a one stop company will be able to propose brief interior & exterior design concept & ideas, estimate floor area, authority requirements and estimate overall costs including submission fees, professional fees, connection fees, testing costs, construction costs, carpentry work and furnishing costs for buyer’s consideration.

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We selected two case studies for your review.

Case Study 1

Owner A bought a large plot of land with intention to build a 3 storey semi-detached house.

Upon analyzing the land area and requirements, we proposed building a pair of 3 storey semi-detached house and a smaller scale semi-detached house.

Our proposal is based on several factors:
Having a small family, it is unnecessary for A to spent time on maintenance. He becomes a developer by building additional semi-detached house and sells it. In turn, he earns himself a free semi-detached house for stay from the sales proceeds.

Case Study 2

Owner B bought a 2 storey corner terrace house with intention to extend rear yard and add in an attic. Prior to purchase, a builder offers B a dream house with fantastic design although he has limited funds. Upon submission and tender exercise, the construction costs ballooned to over 50% above his initial budget. He is unable to bear the cost although design was to his liking.

We studied the design and proposal. In our opinion, the structural systems were overly design and materials to be used is upper class range. We proposed to replace the structural systems with alternative lightweight design and affordable but equivalent materials. We made changes to suit existing structural layout, avoiding any removal of structural where higher costs would be involved. With slight changes on the layout and facade aesthetic, the house was completed within owner’s comfortable budget.

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