About Rich Built





Our Introduction

Rich Built was incorporated in 2005. We are recognized for our talent as designer & builder. Our clients experienced the benefits of having us to design, manage and built. We are a group of professionals who work as a team closely with owner to efficiently through planning, selection, designing and construction services.

How did we built it?

Rich Built produce design that best suits you and perform within construction schedule. We eliminate the need for traditional design, tender and construct methods. We adopt the process of design and built that saves time over conventional approach in completing a project. To client, this is value for design and construction dollar.

As of our slogan,

Together, we built life into living.

Because you can't buy a lifestyle, you have to build a character. You built a dream; we define the character of your home.

Rich Built believes in combination of you as well as our team effort, a chemistry that leads to a dream home.

Survey has shown that although Singapore has only a moderate level of awareness of design, the attitude and interest towards design are high. We believe you are one of them.

With our positive attitude, ease communication and strong teamwork, we provide personalized quality services to meet your requirements. Our design blends practical needs with style within assigned cost.

We look forward to many more years of providing quality project management services to our clients.

Engage us, a simple and brilliant move.

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Our Mission

With rising sophistication and expectations of clients, to meet needs and demands, Rich Built strive to be a One-Stop integrated housing consultants.

We design, manage and built in sectors comprising landed residential, industrial, commercial and Housing Development Board properties.

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Our Strength

Design and Built is not a display of wealth nor comes with a price tag. Our designer has the ability to transform affordable materials into well-designed space.

Rich Built offers one stop integrated solution to landed residential property customers. We provide design, manage and build services that display creative design, quality workmanship within comfortable budget.

Rich Built understands individual needs & requirements and the tenancy to be involved in each design stage. We work together with our client, adjusting our operation system to allow for flexibility to co-achieve their dream.

Rich Built delivers high efficiency & productivity, fast service with minimized mistakes through proper site management & operation system. Our key personnel specialize in managing office operations system as well as site management operations. We are knowledgeable in both structural & architectural works, well experience in construction specification & detail.

Rich Built review the initial construction budget to determine client's priorities and concerns. We propose methods and materials in the design that most effectively meet your requirements. We take into consideration on time; budget and design to determine the most advantageous construction method for your home.

Rich Built Easy Steps

  • Contact us
  • Review completed project reference
  • Brief us on your ideas and budget plan
  • Site viewing with our appointed personnel
  • Design planning stage
  • 3D perspective
  • Selection of material
  • Commencement of building work
  • Your home is ready

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